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tittle says it all, i had an awesome week.  mom had a week off from work which usually meant we went to awesome places like the beach and stuff.
on monday, i skated on the beach, went to La Brea Tar Pits and ate at one of my fave restaurants. Tuesday, went to a gelato cafe, and made homemade italian pizza, which i heard tasted awesome ^^. wednesday, made terimasu and soup...terimasu was deliecious, still have several servings left....thursday, went to santa barbara zoo, from where i'm posting lots o pics, and more gelato. and today, i'm stayin home to rest ^^

that's all folks

art account - :iconvamphawkeh:
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Hello all. I'm not completely new here, just thought i'de make another account for photography so it wouldn't take all my pics space away. NOthing much to tell, same as on my drawing account.

:iconvamphawkeh: That's my art account. Check it out when you can.

So, been to the zoo today, and have lots of photos from then that i will put up sometime soon, probably today.

I am also a model for emsmonkeys's photography cause she needed one and i just happen to be there so i will also have those photos put up cause even though i din take them, i took part in them.

I don't know what else i can say right now so i'll go and start adding photos.
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